Freedom Rocks: The Everyday Life of the Berlin Wall is a long-term collaborative project by Canadian artists Blake Fitzpatrick and Vid Ingelevics that documents the atomized and displaced remnants of the Berlin Wall in a contemporary post-Cold War context.

While the Berlin Wall “fell” on November 9 1989, it didn’t just disappear. Due to its symbolic weight it was dismantled with pieces large and small scattered, gifted and sold around the world thus transforming this once European icon into a stateless object. Freedom Rocks posits the idea of the Berlin Wall as a mobile ruin. It involves the research and documentation of the movement of large sections and small fragments of the Wall from Berlin to North America post-1989 and includes a consideration of wall sections currently in storage or still standing in Berlin itself. Locating the Berlin Wall as an artifact in motion raises questions concerning not only the wall’s physical location as a now global object but also about its status as an unsettled figure in the post-Cold War imagination. Just as the object is in flux physically, its meaning is also in flux.

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